Gregory McNamee is a writer, journalist, editor, photographer, and publisher. He is the author or title-page editor of forty books and more than 8,000 periodical publications, including articles, essays, reviews, interviews, editorials, poems, and short stories.

He is the editor of Zócalo, an arts-and-culture magazine covering Tucson and southern Arizona. He is a consultant, contributor, and contributing editor to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. He is also a contributing editor to and regular reviewer for Kirkus Reviews.

McNamee operates Sonora Wordworks, an editorial and publishing service, and has been involved in the publication of more than five hundred books. He is also the publisher of Polytropos Press.

McNamee was a lecturer in the Economics Department of the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona for 13 years. He is now a research associate with the University's Southwest Center.

He is a ghostwriter for several business blogs maintained by national consumer and interest groups, and he is a behind-the-scenes consultant to and writer for numerous nonprofit organizations and private firms. He serves on the advisory boards of the Arizona Historical Society and The Biodiversity Group.

He is a member of the Speakers Bureau of AZ Humanities, and he gives courses and talks on writing, publishing, journalism, media and technology, and cultural and environmental issues. Please contact him if you’d like to schedule a talk for your organization or otherwise be in touch.